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5 things to do when on holiday in Bali

5 things to do when on holiday in Bali

Holidays are all about enjoyment as well as benefiting from everything that the stay has to offer. Bali is a top tourist destination and this is not without reason. Consequently, first time travelers to this picturesque island will find it sometimes difficult to decide upon their itinerary because of the bewildering number of choices on offer.  The warm welcome and the smiling faces of the Balinese will guarantee a wonderful stay at the island. Apart from the stunning scenic beauty, the island of Bali has a lot to offer for both the adventure minded and shopaholics.

Among various activities, tourists must definitely try out five things that can ensure them of an eventful vacation. They are free to try out other stuff if they so wish and their budget or time permits, but these five should be at the top of their to-do list.  Bali can be the paradise for people interested in adventure tours and tourists can indulge themselves in world-class activities conducted by eminent tour operators. The adventure tours in Bali include a wide range of activities including white water rafting, river kayaking, jungle trekking, paragliding and mountain cycling. Tourists can even touch, feed and ride an elephant through the tropical jungles of Bali at the Bali Elephant Safari Park.

Bali is the perfect place to go scuba diving with the help from a number of PADI certified companies providing diving tours including experienced guides and equipments. The best diving spots are the ones along Bali’s east coast near Candi Dasa. Bali can also be the perfect destination for those who are looking for a rejuvenating touch after the constant stresses of everyday life. Bali has a number of highly rates spa and beauty treatment facilities, which are best known for providing weary customers with refreshing and rejuvenating treatments. These treatments include various messages that help in improving the blood circulation and toning up the muscles.

Bali offers a variety of cruises including day cruises, dinner cruises and island cruises. These cruises include a wide assortment of activities such as viewing the bottom of the sea through transparent bottom boats or riding banana leaf boats. The more adventurous can opt for the submarine safari can visit the undersea world in a small submarine that can carry up to 36 passengers.  The fifth thing to do in Bali is shopping since there are a number of top brands that offer their products at attractive prices.  Going for adventure tours, scuba diving, message and spa therapy, cruises and shopping are the five things that should on the to-do list of every tourist intending to visit Bali.

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