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Franciscan Catholic Orphanage

In Bali, you can find many different children in different circumstances at the Franciscan orphanage. This is located at Tuka, near Dalung and run by nuns that belong to the Franciscans and the head of the orphanage is Maria Esther. At present, there are at least 90 children that consist of a wide group of ages. This orphanage allows children that are older to also stay here until they can go their own way by getting employment. There are several different circumstances that will present children to be presented to the Orphanage. Usually there are four different categories.

These are as follows and in no particular order: Yatim-Piatu (Child with No Parents), Yatim (Have No Father), Ekonomi Lemah (Parents in dire circumstances economically) and Piatu (Having No Mother). Most children here will fall into the Ekonomi Lemah. However, most of the children living here happen to be female. This mostly is due to parents trying to support the males in the family. This is seen Asia wide in orphanages. Older boys go to a different place namely Maria Goretti to go to high school. This is also because they are difficult sometimes to deal with in younger company.

Franciscan orphanage childrenBoth boys and girls are raised here in accordance with the Catholic Franciscan beliefs and are well taken care of. Both sexes are happy for the most part and fed and treated well. Bear in mind that while girls are a majority here, boys are also here. Circumstances can change and cast either child as an orphan. With economic circumstances as they are at times, this is a viable alternative to abandoning a child. If economic circumstances change, then the child can go back to the parent. If not, then they can stay here or be adopted into another family.

Donations can be given to support this charity and its work. The majority of these here come from the poor economic conditions of both parents. Some come fro a broken home while others are missing a mother, father or both parents. There are many different needs that the orphanage has at this time such as medication, cash for education, clothing, food, school, second hand items, sports, infants and anything that you wish to donate. This holds true for all Balinese orphanages. Included on the web site is a full listing of their needs at this time. They like other orphanages have money stretching.

You do not have to live in Bali to contribute to this orphanage. Contact information is available on their site at Many of the children have different needs and this is basically the only home that they have ever known. However, you can also come to see the orphanage on your trip to Bali. Information is available on how to visit the orphanage while you are in Bali. One thing to remember here is that while it may be a hard life, most of the children are happy and content. They are clothed, sheltered, fed and educated as best as possible here in the orphanage.


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