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Bali Holiday Villas And How To Plan Your Family Vacation In Bali

Planning the perfect vacation can be a daunting task, and when you add little children to your plans, things you wouldn’t normally think about, suddenly become very important. When you plan your vacation to Bali, you want to make sure that the travel agency or agent that you choose understands all your needs, and can provide  in depth and informative answers to your questions. That way, when you pick out that perfect little paradise, you can be sure that your children will be safe and all of you will fully enjoy your vacation.

Private Bali Villas or Hotels: which is a better choice for my family?

This is one of the first questions many families ask themselves, when planning a trip to Bali. The answer is simple. Villas. A Bali Holiday Villa can provide you and your family with all the comfort that is needed, while allowing you all to avoid the crowds at the hotels, which can be unbearable during the peak seasons. And if price is a concern, don’t worry, the difference in price between a hotel and villa isn’t much. If you have a large group that you are traveling with, a villa can end up being  cheaper. Providing your family with a peaceful and harmonious place to relax during your trip is definitely worth the small difference in price.

Luxury villa in SeminyakWhen making your choice of exact locations to stay at, you want to take into consideration the types, amount and proximity of tourist spots that you and your children may want to visit. The distance to the beautiful white sand beaches or the theme parks for the little ones should be taken into account, as well as any other family outings you envision yourselves partaking of. When traveling with your kids, you will most likely want to choose as spot that isn’t too crowded, but not too secluded.

The true meaning of “all-inclusive”

Anyone who has traveled with their children knows that many times the “all-inclusive” vacation you booked, usually ends up missing many very important things. While this can be a disappointing experience when traveling alone, when you are with the family this can be a disaster. Well, rest assured, because first and foremost, Bali is destination that respects it’s visitors, by offering the most complete package of services and amenities to be found.

That is the reason that when you come to Bali with your children you will be pleased to know that the majority of the villas are built and run with the word family in mind. What does this mean for you?
-A menu of meals designed with children in mind.
-Babysitters – because we all need some time for ourselves, there are caring and trustworthy babysitters available so you can enjoy that shopping spree or that quiet dinner at a romantic restaurant.
-Cots and highchairs – you won’t need to haul around your travel cots or booster seats, which means more space in the luggage for all that shopping.
-Pools for children
-Fun and safe play areas that your whole family will enjoy.

You always want to check with the villa you are staying at to make sure they have each one of the items that are important to you, that way you can be assured that your family holiday will be perfect.

The people of Bali are friendly and warm and because they adore children, activities designed with kids in mind can be found everywhere. From Temple visits to tours of the famous Waterbom Aquatic Park, you will find that many of the tours are designed specifically so that the little ones will feel comfortable and enjoy themselves

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