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Bali luxury villa residence C2 in Seminyak with 8 bedrooms for rent

Bali luxury villa residence C2 in Seminyak with 8 bedrooms for rent

A great offer for your desires is the Bali luxury villa residence C2 in Seminyak with 8 bedrooms for rent.

The prices go as low as $1,550 and up to $1,795 daily.  These are very affordable offers for what you are getting – a beautiful luxurious 1600 square meters residence in the nice country of Indonesia, in a small and quiet neighborhood in popular Seminyak. It is built in 2009 so it is brand new and it is an untouched art piece, where you can enjoy a perfect holiday with your family and friends – as mentioned it has eight beds, each with its own bath.

The façade is ultra modern and the location is perfect – a short five minute walk and you are on the beach in one direction and shops and restaurants on Jalan Laksmana in the other. The residence is a beautiful place to spend your vacation, with a private pool and up-to-date (as it is built in 2009) modern luxurious interior with every extra available.

If you don’t need eight bedrooms, there is a special offer – you can get two bedrooms for 395 USD in the low and 475 USD in the high season. There are also other offers for 3 and 5 bedrooms, best suiting your needs. However this is only for the low and high season, in the peak season you can only get the full complex – eight bedrooms. Each of the rates is per night and exclusive of 5% service charge and 10% tax.

So are you wondering where to go on a holiday? Why not Bali? Especially in the low season the prices are more affordable than ever – you don’t have to be a big-time company owner to enjoy the most luxurious holiday possible. Some three-star hotels in major cities as Paris or Rome are more-expensive per night compared to the Bali villa C2 residence.

There are two master bedrooms and six others. While you are there you could enjoy a full time cook, a daily cleaner and massive security. But that is not all – if you have children and you don’t want to leave them at home – you can hire for very low prices a babysitter. Available for hire is also a masseuse. A shopper, manager and butler are also part of the staff that will be serving your needs, while you make the most of your holiday.

It is perfect for big-time parties. Especially for Christmas or New Year celebration – as it never gets cold here – the temperature in Bali doesn’t drop more than 24 degrees in Celsius (the metric system) in August, which is 76 Fahrenheit (English system).

So make up your mind and plan the perfect holiday for your family – satisfy the needs of your wife and feel like a millionaire for once in your life, or plan the perfect party – with eight bedrooms you can accommodate a whole company floor – perfect for a celebration of a big deal or a global celebration – like New Year.

So stop wondering – just look at what the Bali luxury villa residence C2 in Seminyak with 8 bedrooms for rent is all about and don’t hesitate – plan the most perfect, affordable, luxurious holiday, which the world can offer, in a beautiful heavenly place – Bali, Indonesia.

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