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Bali’s nicest and exotic beaches

Bali is a serene island which is the ultimate holiday destination. It is a region belonging to the Indonesian archipelago but stands all by itself due to its enriched culture, history and beauty. There are many people who have already flown to the exquisite Indonesian island and describe a Bali holiday as the most appropriate vacation pleasure. When reaching the island of Bali there’s nothing to worry about except thinking how to get the best of your vacation. To enjoy the most memorable holiday, most people often look on the web to attain details about beautiful exotic beaches, wonderful restaurants, accommodation, shopping, night life and more places to visit in their preferred tourist destination.

There is also the provision to indulge in exclusive surfing, diving, mountain climbing, trekking, white water rafting, bungee jumping and the architectural splendor with so much more to discover. Many recommend to eat your meals at the hotel restaurant. If you choose to stay in private Bali villa rentals, then you can acquire the facility to dine with the exquisite local flare which will scintillate your taste buds. Here are some tips that I want to impart which will not go to waste and work to make your tour to be perfect. This includes a tour to Bali’s nicest beaches which is the heart of the island.

Kuta Beach

The Kuta Beach is the most famous beach in the Bali Island. It comprises of a long stretch of white sand that is quite popular among surfers. The region is one of the most developed areas of Bali, so the beach finds many visitors all year round. A few steps down the beach coastline is the busy town of Kuta which comprises of all kinds of restaurants, shops and a world famous nightlife. The beach is only a short drive from the airport which makes it an ideal stop during your Bali Holiday.

Jimbaran Beach

jimbaran bay seafoodVisit the Jimbaran Beach, which is perfect for enjoying the Bali sunset. When the Sun begins to dip lower than the horizon, the beach comes alive with restaurants serving fresh fish and tables set directly on the beach. The restaurants provide the provision to choose your fresh fish, have it cooked and then enjoy straight on your platter. You can then watch the sunset over the sea listening to harmonious live music.

Lovina Beach

If you’re tired of the crowds in Kuta then Lovina beach offers something different. The area is situated on the north coast consisting of black sand beaches to create a great environment for relaxing, watching the sunset, diving and snorkeling. This sandy beach destination is popular for its resident dolphins and travelers can simply hire a charter boat and watch the amazing dolphins in the water.

Sanur Beach

Similar to the Lovina Beach, if you’re looking for a quieter Bali Holiday, then Sanur Beach region is certainly the most appropriate place to visit. It is a shallow low calm beach, ideal for swimming and walking along the footpath.

Nusa Dua BeachNusa Dua Beach

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, then Nusa Dua Beach is certainly a great choice. Some of the most exclusive and affordable villa accommodations are located in the region, in the vicinity of the spotless white sand beaches. It is also a popular site for diving and snorkeling.

Bali is a tropical country, which has pleasant weather however can be hot and humid during several months of the year. When visiting this exotic land I recommend traveling through the island in light airy cotton clothes. The one aspect that should excite you in the region is that the clothes are quite cheap here. It is recommended that you bring an extra bag to ensure that you can shop for stylish clothes, shoes and bags when visiting the island. Make sure to take sunscreens and toiletries, which can be expensive in the region. Carry a pair of good walking shoes for your holiday in Bali since there are plenty of beaches that are best to be visited on foot.

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