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Bali Sanur Water Sports Hotels And Villas

Bali is situated in Indonesia and Sanur is situated on the east coast of South Bali. You can go to Sanur within twenty minutes by taxi from Ngurah Rai International Airport. You can also go there by bus. The streets of Sanur are quiet so anyone can walk here in great peace. The sight of the beach is also beautiful.

Sanur has cultural, natural and historical attractions. International Kite Festival is one of the most important cultural activities of Sanur. It takes place every year in July. The kites are made up to ten meters long. Each kite is made and flown in a competitive way. They arrange the competition and the participants come from the village around Bali. Visitors can take the test of the competition from the June to August. This festival takes place every year in Sanur. There is a museum in Sanur which is known as Le Mayeur Museum. Le Mayeur came to Bali in 1932 and he has done many works. Mangrove Information Centre is another beautiful place of Sanur. Pura Blanjong and Serangan Island Turtle Conservation Centre are also great places to visit in Sanur.

There are a few hotels and several Bali villas in Sanur. You can get hotels at a low cost and there are some high quality hotels too. Almost all the major hotels have spas. There are also some independent spas. You can enjoy spa at the time of staying in Sanur. The spa in Sanur is not so expensive. Anyone can have this at a low cost. The cost is almost half than North America and Europe.

You can also enjoy water sports in the beach of Sanur. You can try kite surfing, wind surfing, wake boarding or paragliding in the beach of Sanur. There are Bali Sanur kidsKite Surfing School and Blue Oasis Beach Club for the help of the visitors. The atmosphere of the beach is so nice that anyone will want to have a water sport.

You can also do shopping at the time of living in Sanur. There are shops by the side of the streets. People can buy traditional dresses and local handicrafts from these shops. There are also some markets for tourists. Anyone can go there for buying goods as they wishes. People can also have local foods from Night Markets. There are some restaurants for the tourists. There are also some bars and beach cafe. Here you can spend a night in a standard double room. There are different types of hotels. You can get hotels from the range of $25 to $95.

So if you are interested in visiting Sanur, no need to wait any longer. If you don’t visit Sanur, you will miss out on the natural beauty. If you know little about Sanur, you can collect more information by searching via internet. You can also take the help of a guide at the time of visiting Sanur. If anyone visits Bali, he/ she can visit Sanur easily. Not only the natural beauty but also the culture and tradition of Sanur will attract you.


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