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Bali Tulamben Diving Snorkeling At The Shipwreck

Bali Tulamben Diving Snorkeling At The Shipwreck

Nature, ocean, diving, those three words may best describe the small village of Tulamben in Bali. One place where it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is to be properly welcomed by the nature, the adventure and stories that revolve around their history. The village is situated on the north-east coast of Bali. The name of the village is derived from the word batulambih which is translated as Many Stones that is a reference to the massive eruptions of the Mount Agung that affected it from time to time. An interesting fact about the beach of Tulamben is that the beach isn’t covered in sand but in smooth and fairly large stones. Over time the name changed to Batulamben until it came to today’s name. One of the well known facts about this small village in Bali, Tulamben is the underwater paradise that lies there.

Starting from the U.S. Liberty shipwreck, which was and is a big attraction for all divers because the ship’s stern can be seen even for those that enjoy snorkeling because it’s six meters under water. The U.S. Liberty was torpedoed by the Japanese army which makes it even more interesting for the divers to want to visit it. History has it that the ship was about to be towed to a port in north Bali which was already taken by the Japan army, the ship was rerouted back to Tulamben where it got attacked by the Japanese. And with the powerful Vulcan eruption of the Mount Agung in 1963 the ship was pulled deeper into the sea where it is his present home, heavily covered in corals, gorgonian and anemones.tulamben shipwreck location

Another great destination for diving in Bali Tulamben is the beautiful Coral Garden, which is one of the nature’s most beautiful and interesting places ever seen. The Coral Garden is 2 to 15 meters deep being a great destination for snorkeling not just for diving. One of the places where you can find both types of soft and hard corals with light density. Even one interesting fact about the coral garden is the diversity and the amount of the marine life starting with fishes like the napoleon fish, pipe fish, parrot fish, clown fish. But when it comes to marine life the barracuda and the black tip sharks are the most interesting creatures in this serene underwater paradise. Also the Coral Garden between the hard and soft corals is the perfect hideout for shrimps. And because of the depth of the Coral Garden it is the perfect place for night diving.

Last but not least, one additional interesting fact about Tulamben is the site also called the Drop Off which is located the right side of the Coral Garden. To get to it you must go through the Rocky beach. The Drop Off is for the most part shaped because of the volcanic eruptions during the past.

This is one of the most interesting places of Bali and a great place for scuba divers all around the world. Loving nature, beautiful marine life and of the best places for diving sums up this popular destination: Tulamben Bali.


  1. Piotr Vladimir  July 19, 2012

    The first time the family and I visited Tulamben, we were stunned because of the sheer beauty this place has to offer. The place is great for surfing, water skiing, snorkelling and much more. Tulamben comes highly recommended.


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