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Villas Offer Privacy Compared To Hotels

Throughout the years, I have spoken with many of our villa guests in Bali and we asked the question, why they choose to book a villa instead of a hotel room. Generally they answered this question by saying that always staying in a hotel each holiday in Bali gets boring after a while and they were looking for an alternative type of accommodation.The reason for not considering another accommodation option stems from the fact that getting a good package deal through a travel agent for a Bali hotel is more economical, easy and the standard way of vacationing in Bali.

Actually one of the advantages of booking a Bali villa is that it may even work out cheaper for you and your guests or family if the costs are shared amongst all of the group members. In addition, most Bali rental villas are situated on a quiet spot away from the hustle and bustle or noisy neighbourhoods. Furthermore, do not forget the privacy offered by staying in a Bali holiday villa in comparison to a hotel shared with tens or hundreds of guests…

Bali holiday villas offer complete privacy
The complete privacy a Bali villa rental offers is an important and welcome advantage for many guests. Imagine walking around nude or skinny dipping with your partner in the private villa swimming pool. You cannot do that in a hotel for that matter! Normally the villa staff understands when the guests require some privacy and on other times be in the direct vicinity of the guests. You basically “own” a private Bali villa for the duration of your holiday in Bali. Most villas properties have an equipped kitchen offering the staying guests the opportunity to do some home cooking themselves or ask a chef to cook them their favourite dishes. It is best to let the staff or chef know beforehand (one day before) what type of meals you want to have prepared so the staff can do the shopping the next day. In case you order fresh seafood, the staff has time to visit the fish market for the best catch of the day.

Sharing the costs when renting a Bali villa
Many of our exclusive Bali villa rentals offer a minimum of 2 en-suite bedrooms or more. This present the option to share the costs for a 2 bedroom villa with 2 couples occupying the Bali villa. If you are convinced, please visit to select your preferred villa rental option. Hopefully your desired villa is still available for your requested period. Do not forget to book in advance, especially for the high and peak season periods. When I wrote this article, – , are celebrating their 8th year in business and therefore are giving discounts for certain villa bookings.

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