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Bali Villa Rentals in Popular Seminyak Luxury At Reasonable Prices

Bali is one of the world’s famous tourist island destination located in Indonesia. It is known for its diverse sceneries that include white or black sandy beaches, beautiful rice terraces, volcanoes, lush mountains and hills. All these and the people that dwell in it make Bali a paradise worth visiting. Add to that, there are added attractions that can be enjoyed by tourists such as the world-class diving and surfing sites; the cultural activities such as dances, historical and archaeological site visit; and a wide range of luxurious accommodations, from hotels to popular Bali villas.

Bali, being a tropical island, has a dry and wet season. The weather is mostly hot and humid with a few rains during the wet season. The months of April to September are the best time to visit the island; however, when one wants to frolic in the nice sandy beaches, the months of June, July, and August is the best time to visit when the humidity is low. Aside from the beaches that Bali Island has to offer, it has scattered lakes which flows into the diverse rivers that make the rice grow all year round. Some of these rivers are frequently visited by tourists for water rafting adventure. With that, tourists can look forward to doing these activities and more while in Bali without worrying about their accommodation. In fact, one can find a number of luxurious Bali villas rental that provide services and amenities that match the sophistication of other luxury hotels and resorts within the island of Bali.

Bali Seminyak Villa RentalOne of the areas of Bali that is fast becoming the favorite place among tourists is the trendy Seminyak area. The Seminyak Bali villas boast of having the finest and the state-of-the art architectural designs equipped with the best and most modern amenities.

The good thing about renting a villa in Seminyak is the solitude it gives. Renting in one of the villas gives one the chance to be alone even for a brief period while enjoying the spectacular sight of the sea. Aside from the modern features, one can also enjoy the luxury of first class services only found in five star hotels. In fact, some of the luxury Bali villa rentals in Seminyak will provide driver, butler and cook and they are readily available for one’s convenience.

Looking for luxurious Bali villas for rent in Seminyak is not a difficult task since most of them are located near the main road which can be easily accessible. Aside from having access to nearby shopping centers, the road is also filled with restaurants which are offering different types of cuisines, so one can be sure to find food suitable to one’s palate.

When one wants to travel to Seminyak, Bali on a limited budget, then going in groups should be a great option to save on traveling and accommodation expenses. Gathering sufficient information in advance about the place and deciding ahead on the activities to do is important in order to make the most out of the visit. Of course, rather than in hotels, booking online for an accommodation in one of those Bali villas for rent in Seminyak will be a convenient, pleasurable and luxurious experience at a reasonable cost.


  1. Gerald Howens  June 8, 2012

    I stayed in the villa that is pictured in this post. The facilities and services provided were great. Looking forward to visit Bali again this summer.


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