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How the Balinese Name Their Children

Your name is very important because aside from your face, people remember and identify you by name. In addition, it also represents the voluntary choice by the parents or by a certain individual. Your folks call you using your given name. This is the reason why the naming process is crucial for the parents for their children.

Most of the names of the Balinese are Sanskrit and Hindi because the majority of them are Hindus. The way the Balinese people name their children is quite different since that they have their own way of naming system. By knowing that, do have any idea how the Balinese name their children?

The people in Bali name their children traditionally. They usually take the names of their children from everyday Balinese and every so often the given name would reflect the present situation when the child was born. On the other hand, this kind of trend seems to have disappeared since that the West or Java has influenced them. Normally, they have the tendency to opt for the name which classifies them most distinctively when the child grew up.

The Balinese name their children according to the order that they are born. Here are some factors on how the Balinese name their name:

  • Gender
    Their naming system vary on the gender of the child whether a male or a female. Generally, girls and boys use both the same name. the boys use “I” before their name while the girls use “Ni” in order to deference between the male and the female ones.
  • Caste
    It is according with which caste the family belongs. Similar to that of India, most of the Balinese have the same caste system for Hindu. Sudra (rice grower), Wesia (merchant or officials), Ksatria (warrior or ruler) and Brahmana (priest) are the four major castes in Bali. Most of them are under the Sudra caste, approximately 90 percent of the populace.
  • Clan
    The clan where the people of Bali belong is also one factor of how the Balinese name their children. Arya, Ngakan, Pande, Pasek are the four types of clan.
  • Birth Order
    When the child is first born, he or she is given with the name Gede/ Luh Gede, Wayan or Putu. Made, Kadek or Nengah for the second child. Nyoman or Komang for the third child and Ketut for the fourth child.
  • The Parents Choice
    The Balinese parents can choose a particular name for their children.  Some examples of the given names are Swandewi, Surya, Smara, Putra, John or Cristina. This is one way on how the Balinese name their children.

The names of the Balinese people have a lot of deep meaning and rules. According their traditional calendar, they often name their baby in the specific day which is considered as the best day. They also have traditions that are needed to be considered such as the Balinese-Hindu ritual.

The way they name their children is not instant because they have to wait for the best and perfect day. Thus, the Balinese names are very essential for them since they believe that it can affect their child’s life.


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