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Ensuring A Pleasurable Stay in your luxury Bali Holiday Villa

Ensuring A Pleasurable Stay in your luxury Bali Holiday Villa

Bali holiday villas have recently become one of the most sought after accommodations for those seeking the ultimate in luxury on their holiday. Unfortunately, the popularity of these villas, means that there are many different people who own and manage them, and not all of them are managed to the high standards you might expect. But how do you know which villas are will provide you with a memorable vacation and which ones will just give you an experience you would like to forget.

Everyone has heard of 4 and 5 star resorts. The 4 and 5 star rating is reserved for the only the hotels and resorts that offer the utmost in luxury. many who have stayed in a private luxury villa would tell that the 5 star rating is not enough. Private luxury villas offer something that these other resorts do not. Privacy.

You, of course, have your own very nice room all to yourself, and many times a  private balcony as well. But when you go to take part in one of the many luxurious amenities your privacy comes to an end. You will have to enjoy the pool and spa in the company of all the other guests at the hotel. When you stay at a private villa, you not only have your own room, but all the amenities are exclusively yours. The entire staff is there only to see to your wants and needs. This level of personal attention is something that even the world renowned hotels like the Hyatt, Hilton, and Sheraton, simply cannot offer.

While some of the private villas are managed exclusively to provide for this kind of service to those on holiday, most of the villas are actually the homes of other people. These people bought a vacation home and rent it out when they are not there. Sometimes they hire professional management companies to oversee their vacation homes while they are not there, and other times they attempt to manage them remotely. While there are obviously examples of excellent management to be found in both situations, it is hard to know what you are really getting.Bali men playing angklung

There was one situation in which a family from Brisbane rented a private Bali villa after doing some internet research and speaking at length with the management company on the phone. Everything seemed fine when they got there. Beautiful accommodations, friendly staff, everything was perfect. That was until they went to take a shower that night. No hot water. Not a big problem, usually just alerting the staff should be enough to get the problem rectified. Imagine there surprise when they were told that they would have to wait until morning for the villa manager to come fix it. Not something you would expect when paying almost $1000 a night, but sometimes things happen. Imagine their surprise when the next evening the hot water was again out. As you can imagine, the family was upset and there was little they could do.

How do you prevent this from happening to you? The best way to ensure that you get a quality villa is to utilize the services of a professional rental agency such as Bali Villa Rent at or Check out it’s website and most importantly the information that is provided. Look for reviews so you can try to see a track record of this particular company and the villas available. Next you should talk with the people at the agency directly. You want to try to see if they are customer service oriented or are they just interested in not having a vacancy. Another thing you can do is ask for the contact information of a previous guest.. Talking with someone who has stayed at the place you are considering is a good way to judge a place.

Also don’t think that it will cost you more money to go through an agency. The rental agents do not charge you a fee for their services. The owners pay the a commission in exchange for the exposure that the rental agency will give them. Some people will tell you to find the properties through an agency and then contact the owner directly and see if you can get a deal. This is a bad idea. Any owner who lists their property through a rental agency, signed a contract, not to offer different prices. So the reputable owners will not be able to help you, and anyone who says they will offer you a better deal is probably not someone you want to deal with. They are already set to break their business agreement with one party, so how can you be sure that they will honor any agreements they make with you?

If you are considering a vacation in a Bali, then the luxury Bali holiday villas are truly the only way to experience this island. And if you need help finding and booking that perfect luxury villa, just contact us at

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