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Memorable holiday in Bali

Memorable holiday in Bali

I hardly enjoy vacations with my family.  For many years, we just postponed our vacation trip as most often we found ourselves on a tight budget. Not only the budget, it was also difficult to find a place suitable for us where not only we could enjoy as husband and wife but our kids also have all the fun. Well, I have two kids, a boy and a girl, and never realised that there could be any place where we could enjoy together. So I talked to my husband and we both agreed that we certainly needed a vacation as it was long due, and we also had some money for it. It took us almost a week to decide that Bali in Indonesia would be a very appropriate destination for us. We did a lot of research on the internet where many people had shared their experiences describing it as a beautiful destination. People termed Bali as a wonderful destination for families and kids. I felt so exited to find out that my children won’t get bored there as there were lots of things to do for all of us. Finally, we decided to go on vacation in Bali and brought the air tickets for our family. The very idea that we will be packing very soon to enjoy at Bali felt very thrilling.

The weather was absolutely pleasant when we reached Bali. We booked a vacation home in Seminyak and spent the entire day inside just relaxing. The whole family, my husband and kids enjoyed swimming around the private pool and napped throughout the day. It was very exciting to know that my luxury villa also included spa services. Obliviously, I enjoyed a good massage along with manicure and pedicure. The employees were so polite and really cared about the guests. For dinner, we went to a small restaurant just outside the villa.  The food was extremely exotic, giving the feeling of freshness in every bite. Anyone could tell that the food was prepared using fresh ingredients. This was very good for my family.

We stayed in Bali for two weeks, and during our stay there, every single day was full of fun and entertainment. We visited a number of attractive places and almost all of them were just amazing. Throughout our trip, we were almost clicking and clicking, trying to capture every moment in our camera. The whole family enjoyed every single attraction and the kids were smiling all the time as they were very fully entertained just like we were. Out of all the scenic places that we visited, I personally enjoyed visiting a few temples there. The first temple that we visited was a Hindu Temple named Tanah Lot. This temple hosts sacred holy water that people use to purify themselves. This temple fascinated me as I am very influenced with Hindu culture. The shining rays of the setting sun mystified the holy aura that surrounded the region. It was really amazing and breathtaking.  I would highly recommend that anyone planning or visiting Bali should visit this place. Another temple that I want to mention is Goa Lawah also called Bat cave. It was also a nice place and I learned some really amusing facts.

Bali Safari and Marine Park is another very interesting place to enjoy. This was just perfect for my kids. This safari houses many species of incredibly fascinating animals and we took a lot of pictures of them. The zoo has been carefully designed so that visitors really have a very close look of the animals and even get personal to some of them. We also had a lot of adventure at this Safari and we both felt as if we are back to our childhood days. Next to the cat family animals, there is a restaurant where you can enjoy your meal. We incredibly enjoyed our tour as the weather was very pleasant, tourist entertained us a lot and above all we are animal lovers. So I will definitely visit this park again.

Waterbom Water Park is another place that I would strongly recommend and we all had a blast out there.  Naturally, there are a number of water slides which are suitable for all ages and that are a good thing for a family. The water park has a fish spa, and this was something new for me. I enjoyed a lot while soaking Bali waterbom parkup my feet in the fish pool. It was so refreshing and comfortable. This water park also has gazebos and cabanas available for rent. So we rented one to spend some adult moments together in privacy from our kids. Our kids could also relax a while when we needed to go to our villa.  My husband especially liked Sunken Pool Bar.  At this pool, you can order your drinks while still in the water by just walking the stall and choosing your drink from their huge menu of exotic drinks. My kids loved their temporary tattoos made from island ink, particularly the Henna tattoos which were liked by all age groups. In this park, my children got the company of other kids of their age group and played with them throughout the day. It felt very nice to see my children enjoying and playing with other kids. This place just had so much to offer, there was never a dull moment, and we all got exhausted by the end of the day.

Our family greatly enjoyed this two-week holiday. We had so much fun each day and even when we rested for a day in our villa, we enjoyed every moment of it.  Bali is full of scenic beauty and other tourist attractions that are a perfect vacation for the family. The destination is safe and children friendly.  Our villa in Seminyak was awesome and it offered so much activity and enjoyment throughout the day. Not only this, everyone was helpful and polite. I will definitely like to come back again.

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