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Get a More Satisfying Holiday Experience

Get a More Satisfying Holiday Experience

Planning to spend your next holiday in Bali, the Island of Paradise? Did you realize that a villa rental may save you more money and offer way more benefits than a hotel room?

Having reserved a hotel room may indeed give you a comfortable place to stay. On the other hand, a  villa is able to offer you a lot more than that. For example, renting a villa will let you enjoy more facilities and feel much more comfortable and relaxed. In addition, you will be able to get more by paying less when renting a private home. You can have your own staff, private swimming pool, lush tropical gardens as well as personalized guest service.

Renting a villa will also allow you to get Bali’s amazing views you couldn’t enjoy otherwise. Furthermore, you can get privacy as well as the most up-to-date audio and video facilities to get a better and more memorable holiday experience. You can rent villas for as low as US$200/night. The price will be different depending on the services and facilities offered as well as location. Certain villas will even allow you choose whether you want a private car and driver.

There are a lot of rentals located in tourist attractions such as Canggu, Seminyak and Kerobokan. The villa rentals may offer you with one bedroom to 12 bedrooms or more. Every area in Bali provides different choices depending on the tourist seasons. If you book a villa during the holiday seasons, it is recommended to perform some research and reserve ahead a year earlier as a minimum to avoid disappointments, since there will be more tourists visiting Bali.

It is true that most hotels in Bali offer personalized services, but you can actually have more satisfying experience if you rent a private villa house in Bali. You can have more informality, space, personalized services, privacy as well as a tip of luxury you may not be able to find in a hotel room. A lot of Bali luxury villas provide exclusive services spoiling even the most hardened tourist.

In a hotel, an outdoor shower is rarely found. This is different with private luxury villas, since most of them offer this kind of facility. You can get first-class service and enjoy beautiful surroundings to pamper both your body and senses.

If you would like to have a decent villa rental in Bali, you should consider getting either a trustworthy villa rental agency such as Bali Villa Rent which you can visit online at or a travel agent of good reputation to find your desired villa. By doing this, you can rent a Bali villa since you reserve it securely so that you can soon enjoy a private villa for an incredible tropical holiday.

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