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Tips for travelling to South East Asia with babies

Travelling with babies can be quite a different experience compared to travelling with only grownups and this can be really challenging if the parents do not keep a few things in mind. Every region has its own set of difficulties when it comes to travelling with babies and parents should factor this while making arrangement and doing the packing. This is no different when travelling to Bali or Southeast Asia.  However, a bit of intelligent thinking and sensible packing can help parents enjoy their trip to Southeast Asia without having to worry about their baby. Parents need not carry a truckload of nappies since there are quality nappies available locally in their destination. They can also considering carrying reusable nappies since the price of laundry is quite cheap there. Buying local stuff means that there will be enough space left for the parents for the things they buy during shopping.

Asia travel with babies

Parents can considering carrying their own formula because there maybe is a slim chance of finding a formula that matches the formula that a baby has at home.  The smart thing to do is to carry a limited quantity of the formula and then slowly transition the baby to the locally available formula. This will help the little one to acclimatize with the new formula; otherwise, parents can take enough formula to last the entire trip if they do not wish to take the risk. The same is the case when selecting cereals because it can be quite difficult to find the exact kind of cereal that the parents or their babies have back at home. Parents can carry more of the baby stuff if they pack smartly. The soap and shampoo combo is good to consider because it can function as both but occupy the place of only one.

Parents should bear in mind taking Milton tablets with them, which can help in sterilizing everything from dummies, and bottles to anything else that need such treatment. Parents should also pick up a few extra T-shirts for themselves because it is often not only their baby who needs to get out of clean clothes at awkward places. T-shirts are far cheaper in Southeast Asia and therefore it is advisable not to carry them all the way from home.  Parents must remember that there is often no point in carrying a stroller because Southeast Asia is not always the perfect place for prams with Singapore being an exception. Finally, parents must not hesitate in asking for help from the locals because it can be the most useful way of getting out of trouble and making new friends in an unknown country.


  1. Elmer West  January 11, 2013

    My point is, you need to take baby steps, not just for your parents but also for yourself. Grow them into the idea of you travelling, travelling often, travelling solo, travelling far. Study in a place away from home, live in a foreign country, travel to a nearby town, slowly make your claim to independence. The more you build your confidence to make conversations with strangers, navigate a new place by yourself, and make sound decisions, the more your parents will grow accustomed to the idea that you can travel without landing into too much trouble.


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