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Some Useful Tips When Visiting wonderful Bali

Spending your time in Bali is yet another wonderful way of relaxing on an exotic beach and enjoying the nightlife. As soon as you land at the Ngurah Rai International Airport you realize that you are about to have loads of fun. But you need a couple of important tips and information which might come in handy. If there is no one to pick you up then you can reach your destination by taking one of the many airport cab drivers who are waiting at a taxi booth indicated by a blue sign. If you don’t know where to go then you can check out a list of all major Bali travel destination behind the counter. You can check the price and then you can ask the driver to go after you pay the fare. Nonetheless, it’s always better to know which hotel or bali blue bird taxivillage you want to go because sometimes some smaller villages are not so clear or well-known for people behind the counter.

Some taxi drivers might leave you at other hotels saying that they are the best but it is up to you to decide beforehand. Depending upon the location the fare is different and just make sure you don’t get off far from your hotel. Tell the driver to drop you off exactly at the main gate of the hotel. Some destinations are far off in the village the taxi drivers may charge you more or drop you off way too far from your hotel. This is just one problem when you are looking for a taxi. However, if you know where you are going then there is no problem.

You may be approached by various travel agents claiming to put you on a cheap hotel or a taxi driver claiming to drive around for cheap but you should not fall for it because you are likely to get ripped off if you are not careful. One taxi company named the Blue Bird taxi-company is one of the best and cheapest taxi that you can take if you are going to any other Bali travel destination. You can also take the same company to get back to the airport. Their drivers are polite and very helpful. Please check out the traveler blogs from the people who have visited Bali before and love to share their experience and other tips and knowledge about the popular travel destination Bali.

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