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Top Ten Children’s Activities In Bali

Top Ten Children’s Activities In Bali

Bali has been voted as one of the top holiday destinations if you have children. The great thing about renting a villa in Bali is that you can choose a location close to activities your children are keen on. Are they mad on swimming in the sea, marine life and snorkelling? Perhaps you could choose a villa near Nusa Lembongan Island. Would they prefer activities and the natural world? Why not look for a villa in the the cooler hilly region of Bedugul. Here are just some of the activities you can enjoy with your family on your dream holiday in Bali, along with their locations, so that you can tailor your villa rental to your family’s interests.

Bali Zoo (For ages 2 to 14)

Just outside Denpasar you’ll find Bali Zoo, which is extremely popular with families. There you can see a host of exotic animals, and watch them being fed. There’s also a petting zoo for little ones, who’d like to get up close and personal with some furry friends.

Bali Treetop (For ages 4 to 17)

If you’re exploring the island a little more then consider a trip up to the cooler climes of the Lake District in Bali. Bedugul is a favourite with tourists, and there you’ll find the Bali Treetop Park. Children as young as 4 can swing through the trees like monkeys, and there is a special route for them to follow called the Squirrel Yellow Circuit – perfect for 4-8 year olds. Tell your children to look out for the Monkey Track, the Fishing Net, the Mini Flying Fox and a high rise footbridge. Perfect for burning off all that excess energy.

Club Aqua (for ages 9-12)

The Aqua Walking Centre is perfect for children who are too young or too nervous to try snorkelling. As long as they can walk in the water they’ll still be able to enjoy the ocean views and marine life, using specially designed breathing apparatus. It’s a magical experience, and one that parents enjoy just as much as the children.

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary (For ages 3 to 12)

This is a sacred temple for the preservation of a tribe of monkeys.Sacred_Monkey_Forest_Sanctuary There are several of them in Bali, and they all have one thing is common. Cheeky monkeys. You’ll have to hang onto your possessions if you come into direct contact with these furry funsters, as they will empty your pockets in a trice. To make the most of the forest expedition be sure to hire a car and driver. It’s a great outing for children.

Nusa Lembongan Island (For ages 8 and above)

For slightly older, more confident children, try an afternoon diving off the shore of Nusa Lembongan Island. The sights below the surface ensure that their experience of diving will be wholly positive. The instructors are superb and used to those who have never dived before, including children.

Bali Bird Park (For ages 2 to 12) 

Don’t get in a flap trying to entertain your children – visit the Bali Bird Park, which is home to over 1,000 birds. With 250 species of bird to spot, you are guided round special walk through displays, and can get very close to the tamest birds.

Waterbom Bali (For ages 2 to 12)

The WaterBom Park in Kuta is a huge attraction, and will keep you busy all day.

Its constantly evolving attractions keep everyone on the island guessing, but currently include 17 waterslides, the hair raising Climax Ride – which exposes you to forces equivalent to 2.5G, a spinning Superbowl and an 8-storey ‘Smashdown’ water drop which takes real courage to attempt. Perfect for teenagers. There are also a wide range of activities, including water features especially designed for toddlers.

White Water Rafting (For ages 7 to 15).

Watersports are never in short supply in Bali, and one of the most thrilling water-based activities is White Water Rafting on the Ayung River and Telaga Waja Rivers. You can take children from 7 years old upwards, and chose the length of trip, from one and a half hours, to two and a half hours, with a picnic lunch thrown in. Look for the two most professional operators, Bali SOBEK and Bali Adventure Tours, who have a huge amount of experience in this activity.
Bali Safari and Marine Park (For all age groups)  

If your children want more animals, then Bali can supply Bali_Safari_&_Marine_Parkthem. A visit to the Bali Safari and Marine Park is a must, with a huge number of animals and marine life to learn about. The recently added theatre facility hosts shows throughout the day, in which the animals take part. A lovely day out.

Devdan Show Bali (For ages 4 to 12)  

Dance crazy kids will enjoy the Devdan Show in Nusa Dua, which includes circus skills such as high-wire acts. The dancing is mesmerising, and there isn’t a moment to catch your breath between showstoppers. Great fun for all the family.


All activities carry some degree of risk, so make sure you have good travel insurance organised for your trip. Take plenty of sun cream with you, as many of these activities will involve long periods in the sunshine. Bottled water in quantities is also an essential, especially for little ones, who become more dehydrated more quickly than adults. Keep your money safe at all times. With safety in mind, you might consider ordering a prepaid currency card before you leave for your holiday. Not only do they offer you peace of mind safety-wise, but they could well save you money, which is also good news if you’re planning a number of trips and activities. The cost soon mounts up. Prepaids cards don’t charge the 3% administrative charges that banks do, and they also save you the anxiety of travelling with large quantities of cash. Specialist foreign currency credit cards can also save you a fortune if you pay them off immediately on your return home, so they might be worth looking at.

Enjoy Bali!

Whichever trip or activity you choose to experience with your family, it’s certain that you’ll have a wonderful time. The beauty of Bali is that you can just enjoy the beach if you wish, or travel around and experience some of the activities listed here. Either way the sun will shine, and you’ll always get a warm Bali welcome.


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    It is well-liked by children. sometimes when on holiday with the family and could not find interesting activities for our children, then the holiday will become unpleasant. This recommendation is very good indeed. and this will be one of refrensiku. nice info. thanks.

  2. Dedicated server  March 1, 2017

    Visiting Bali with kids can be fun and exciting. There is a wide range of activities fit for the whole family to enjoy while holidaying on this feature-rich island. While some of the five-star resorts in Bali provide family-friendly services and facilities with fully-equipped kids clubs, there is still much for the whole family to see and do outside the hotel grounds.


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